Red Rock Canyon #4

Today was a little different. I did the Red Rock Canyon loop clockwise, reverse. I’ve ridden it enough that I know what to expect in the normal direction and can mentally break the ride up into sections. I only kind of had that predictability today. It’s funny. So much of riding is about adventure, exploration, and ridding predictability from the experience. And yet, even on a bike, there is some comfort in knowing what to expect. There is fear that changing an established pattern, a good pattern, will be a let down.

It was a let down.

But not because the experience was inherently bad. It was unique and special in the same way riding the loop up to now has been.

I got whooped on a couple of climbs by a dude that looked like he had no business on a bike. Ya, I judged him. You would’ve too. Don’t judge me.

I hated the ride, and him, from that point forward. He was riding a flat bar, Specialized commuter bike. Blinding lights everywhere. Strange bike clothes. Bar ends. BAR ENDS! I was on my 26 lb Macho Man road rocket. Rocket? I’ve written about my bike tank before here.

Hmm. . .

Maybe it’s time for a lighter bike. Perhaps, more appropriately, a lighter attitude toward bike guy and his bar ends. He crushed the road. Good for him.

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